Meeting Lucifer.

I am having a hard time putting in to words just what i was thinking that morning. I was scrolling my news feed. Avoiding getting up off my ass to get ready for work. When i saw posted in a closed group. “My name is AC and I was born in Egypt, in 1949, of […]

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Earth Angels

In this journey of self discovery I have learned so many things. Every question answered gives rise to more questions. Just begging for answers. I keep having this overwhelming feeling. I need to talk about my experiences. Struggling with where to start…. Lets start with one of the things that was the most mind blowing […]

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Message from a Goddess

A poem by Sarah Mcvey. I am Ninmah the great mother, Geneticist. I with my brother humanity arose, From our hands! Pulled from the sea. NUIT the great mother, of the stars I am Queen, Mother of the gods i am not Yet known, to be. Teacher. Knowlege i possessed, Taught , that it might […]

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