Interview with A “Watcher”

The amount of disturbing truth I have found is truly mind-blowing. So much I am flooded and overwhelmed at even the thought of putting pen to paper about it. So, for now I will continue with my interviews. In hopes that the reader will gain insights and a desire to research the truth. My next […]

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May 1st means many things to different people. It is International Workers day. Not surprisingly The Roman Catholic Church celebrates The Holy Mother Mary on this day.  May 1st’s origins come from the ancient pegan world . This was  a major fertility celebration. For many it still is. May 1st the fertile energy of the […]

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Separation is an illusion.

         From the time I was a very small girl I have received messages. Only lately they seem to be messages for a large audience. This is the major reason for me starting this blog. So far only 11 people have even seen these papers I am writing but maybe that isn’t the point. Maybe, […]

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Meeting Lucifer.

I am having a hard time putting in to words just what i was thinking that morning. I was scrolling my news feed. Avoiding getting up off my ass to get ready for work. When i saw posted in a closed group. “My name is AC and I was born in Egypt, in 1949, of […]

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Earth Angels

In this journey of self discovery I have learned so many things. Every question answered gives rise to more questions. Just begging for answers. I keep having this overwhelming feeling. I need to talk about my experiences. Struggling with where to start…. Lets start with one of the things that was the most mind blowing […]

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Message from a Goddess

A poem by Sarah Mcvey. I am Ninmah the great mother, Geneticist. I with my brother humanity arose, From our hands! Pulled from the sea. NUIT the great mother, of the stars I am Queen, Mother of the gods i am not Yet known, to be. Teacher. Knowlege i possessed, Taught , that it might […]

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